PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

This script is a PHP source-code Encoder & Obfuscator for 100% pure PHP Code. This tool use techniques to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification.
It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts by allowing you to encode, obfuscate, compress, scramble, set an expiration date, domain/ip lock and encrypt your php source code.

Input the complete Code of one of your PHP-Files (use only one <?php Tage and only one ?> Tag)

How hard should the result be encrypted; Variable names are lost forever!
It's a bullet proof protection and will not increase the load size!
Use the dynamic encryption algorithm;
Use to encode single File or encode only single function!
How many times should the result be encrypted;
It's no bullet proof protection and will increase the load size!
Use the Compiler algorithm;
Copy the complete compiled File from the Repository!
Enter EXPERT-MODUS (only for professionals)

Preview only (use encoded PHP Code from Repository Direcory, but beware: do not make any changes)

✘ ATTENTION — With enough time and effort, this encryption can be undone !
This PHP Encoder & Obfuscator offers a very high level of protection for your PHP work, but an absolute protection can not be guaranteed because of the open architecture of PHP. If the PHP compiler of your customer can see the code (even if obscured), then your customer can view the source code in an editor as well. A software pirate might try to discover the source code and deobfuscate it to get nearer to the unobfuscated PHP source code. By using different techniques, these PHP Encoder & Obfuscator will surely discourage every software pirate to decipher your software in order to manipulate the source code or even steal it. So we force the thieves to think twice and better buy your script.

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