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You — 03.09.2018 07:36
How to install php software on the server?

Support Team — 03.09.2018 07:56

Thank you for your question today. The software you want to place on your server will take a PHP plan in order to use it. Also, these software programs will not be supported by our normal support team, so any troubleshooting would need to be done by you.

Currently, we have no instructions on how to set up or install these programs on any of our servers. You may want to contact our support team to see if either our System Admin team or our Advanced Hosting Team can assist with getting the software set up. Their services may have an installation fee involved, however.

Kindest Regards,
Hosting Admin

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testing this out

You — 19.11.2018 03:36
Thank you so much!

Support Team — 28.11.2018 18:37

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