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Text Crypto - Hide Text inside Image

PHP Cryptography Script

This Script is a text-hiding utility in PHP. It allows you to hide (and get back) text within a image file. The output image file (PNG) can be used in a normal manner. The hidden file is encrypted with an password too.

Check out the screenshots to see how it works. Wanna check out its awesomeness before buying? Check out the Demo version.

What can I do with this? Hide your personal data from those prying eyes.

Here are some highlights

FAQ Section for more info

Does it work in my Browser?
› Yes, it does. You only need a local Webserver or simply install it on your Hosting space.

What does this do?
› You can store a text file to be hidden within a normal PNG, JPG or GIF image file. The output image (always PNG) created would work just as normal, but you’d have the secret text within it.

How do I retrieve the hidden data from within the output file?
› The Script can be used for hiding and retrieving data. However, if you are sending your file to a friend who doesn’t have the script, just send him/her the standalone extractor script (or a Link to your installed extractor script) that is included.

How secure is the hidden file?
› The Script uses a simple algorithm for encoding your hidden data (using your password, if a password is provided) and so, the hidden file cannot be retrieved easily without decoding it first. So, it becomes much more secure than just joining two files using native copy commands. Especially since no one knows that the picture contains hidden text.

I want to check out how this software works before buying it.
› Sure. Take a look at the Demo.

I want to check out how the output files work before I buy.
› Download the Sample File on the Demo Page.

❓ What I have to consider.
› When sending the image with the hidden text, make sure that the image is not compressed (as is the case with WhatsApp, for example) or the text is lost. So always send the image without compression, e.g. by eMail!

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